Global Health Issues we should be Aware of in 2015

In 2014 no one could have predicted that Ebola would dominate the global health headlines, but here are 4 of the global health issues that we need to be aware of in 2015.

global health

1. People Centered Health Systems

Ebola has shone a light on the importance of people in health systems. Ebola has taken away the people in that it has killed 500 health workers in West Africa and other areas. Once the people have been taken away then the system crumbles. The different parts of the health system requires people to make health care work including the clinicians, statisticians, finance experts, technologists and all of us who seek health care services. Stay healthy and take care of yourself by exercising  or visit our Health Store

This then begs the question of how can we make human beings a priority as the health systems are strengthened.

2. New Sustainable Development Goals

This year is the target date for reaching the Millennium Development Goals which have led to massive worldwide improvements in health and wellbeing over 25 years. Global leaders are now finalizing a new set of goal for global development which is the sustainable development goals. These new goals have the ability to unite countries to one of the most ambitious goals which is universal health coverage.

3. Ebola

In 2014 Ebola has killed over 8000 people including health workers. In 2015 further work will be done in West Africa in order to contain the epidemic, but we will also face the ripple effects of the disease. These include setbacks in HIV and maternal health progress, traumatized communities as well as thousands of children orphaned by the disease and abandoned by the remaining family members. The last issue will add to the need for social service workers in West Africa.

4. War and Unrest

In Syria more than half of all hospitals have now been attacked by Syrian forces and over a third of these are no longer functional. Physicians for Human Rights say that 578 health workers have been killed in the on-going conflict. The violence in Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Nigeria is not over. War, civil unrest and terrorism acts can delay and even reverse the progress in global development including health, gender equality and education